Carson Attorney Service
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Our Services
Process Service
We are licensed and bonded process servers, qualified to handle all of your service of process needs. We stay updated in all civil code of procedure changes to ensure proper service of all your legal documents.
Court Service
We file legal documents in all the bay area courts as well as research assignments, including same day filings and we are a fax filing firm, able to file by fax with all bay area courts.
Writ Service
We have experienced, registered process servers who are up-to-date on the proper method of serving a writ. We open the file with the sheriff, serve the writ and file the proof of service with the sheriff in accordance with civil code of procedure.
Same Day Service
We are equipped to serve your legal documents, file your documents with the court, and make your deliveries on a same day basis. We go the extra mile to ensure that your assignment is completed as requested.
Skip Trace Service
We offer a variety of skip trace methods, according to you and your clients needs. We have a high success rate in locating and serving most assignments.
Statewide Service
As members of CAPPS we have an overnight pouch systems with many affiliates through out the state and can have your service of process in the servers hands the next day. We use only the most reliable affiliates to ensure proper service.
Nationwide Service
As members of NAPPS we have contacts through out the United States and in some neighboring countries. We have taken the time to locate the most reliable process servers and maintain constant contact to ensure proper service in accordance with California Law.